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Because it is extremely labour intensive and is therefore classed as a "Blue Collar or Working Class" job, most Removal Men only get paid just above the minimum wage. They therefore rely greatly on tips and donations from customers on completion of their removal. Just like waitresses and bar staff.

Tipping a Removal man often seems like a mystical procedure that stumps a lot of people. I often get asked "How much should I tip a Removal Man?", "Should I tip a Removal Man if they do a good job?", "Removal Men get paid to do their job, why should I tip them as well?", and so on......

These are all valid questions and actually easier than you might think to answer.

In fact, you just need to go with your instincts. If you think the Removal Men have done a good job then do not be afraid to tip them. If you don't High Quality Kids' Shoes in Miami Lakes, FL think they have done a good job at all, then just like a waitress who gives bad service, don't tip them.

Don't forget, this is their job and they should not expect a tip. It is an added bonus.

Do not feel bad or guilty if they are waiting in front of you expectantly after the job is done. Everyone has a choice to make and they made a choice to become a Removal Man knowing how much they were going to get paid.

However, tips at the end of the day do greatly boost their finances and help keep them motivated ready for the next day. Removals is long hard work. Especially in bad weather. So any little extra helps.

How much should you tip them? Well that is totally up to you.

Tipping Removal men is a totally personal thing and can range from anywhere from £1.00 up to £20.00 - £30.00 each. However, the general rule is to give the whole team £10.00 - £20.00 and they can divide it up between themselves. But again, I stress, this is totally personal to you and you must feel completely comfortable with how much you choose to give. And only if you think they deserve it.

But please, please, what ever you do - DO NOT give them alcohol or beer thinking that they would prefer this to a tip. Of course some of them would like to have a cold beer or can of lager after a hard days work, but every now and again they may get called to assist on another removal or delivery and this would not be good.

How would you like it if several Removal Men turned up in your house smelling of beer and bumping into things. You would not be at all happy. So please consider other customers as well as the Removal Companies Health and Safety Regulations. Plus the Removal Driver definitely CANNOT drink before he finishes work for obvious reasons.

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