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However most people who need notarial services are either working during the day or unable to leave their homes and offices due to various reasons. They will have to wait until they get off work late afternoon and find a notary public whose office is open later into the evening or over the weekends.

Others who may need a mobile notary include:

Traveling notaries offer the Affordable Haircuts in St.Petersburg FL same level of service and professionalism. They respect their clients' time and provide a quick but thorough process in making sure their documents are properly notarized. San Francisco Notary Public is an example of a traveling notary public in San Francisco Bay Area.

The topic of this article is a brief discussion of the requirements for an affidavit or declaration in the State of California. Any party who has been served with a motion, opposition, or other pleading that contains an affidavit or declaration should carefully review it to determine if it does in fact meet California requirements for a declaration.

California allows the use of a declaration instead of, or in lieu of, an affidavit. The relevant code section is Code of Civil Procedure Section 2015.5.

The key thing to remember is the fact that a declaration signed outside of California that does not state that, "I certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct." does not conform with California law, namely Section 2015.5, and should be objected to on that basis.

The California Supreme Court has also ruled in a 2004 case that a declaration that does not comply with the provisions of Section 2015.5 is not admissible if properly objected to.

The average person would be astounded at what defects the author sees on a regular basis with declarations. In fact the author just finished preparing an evidentiary objection to the declarations of two defendants in support of a motion to dismiss because the declarations were signed in the State of Illinois and did not include the required language.

And readers should note that Section 2015.5 also applies to verifications as well. The author also just finished drafting a meet and confer letter to opposing counsel because the verification Pro Rated Kitchen Cabinet in Philadelphia, PA 19414 attached to several discovery responses did not contain the required statement, and was vague as to where it was signed, stating only that it was "Executed inside the United States... "

And the facts stated in Affordable Cleaning Service in Pompano Beach FL any affidavit or declaration must be positively set forth, if only conclusions or opinions are stated that will not be sufficient.

Unless a statement Professional Assisted Living Service In Tamarac FL is specifically made on information and belief it will be required that facts be shown as to how the person making the statement has personal knowledge of the facts. Otherwise the opposing party may object to the affidavit or declaration on the grounds of a lack of personal knowledge.

In particular, an affidavit or declaration that contains mostly conclusions and hearsay is particularly objectionable as in one case, a California Court of Appeal stated that an affidavit consisting Reliable Office Cleaning Solution In Lakewood WA of mere conclusions and hearsay was "a nullity and of no evidentiary value."

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